At STAPLEGUN, the best idea wins. Each client and project has a core team that operates as a close-knit agency-within-the-agency for personalized attention, and each deliverable is reviewed by the entire agency to help yield the best possible result for our clients. The end result is something that’s been created by a few, vetted by dozens and approved by our entire agency, from our CEO and creative director to our copywriters and designers.

We Know Identity

STAPLEGUN has produced numerous small and large-scale branding projects over the years that remain in use today. We have the experience to not only create identities, but also maintain them by developing style guides and guidelines that your internal operations can adhere to, as well as vendors and partners. We also understand that rebranding can be a big undertaking for a company – that’s why we use a methodical approach that has been proven time and again.

Define the Objectives

Why do you think you need to brand or rebrand? Do you need to at all? Whether you’re a new company, a merger or acquisition, or going through a 100-year anniversary, we question everything and do the research and due diligence to ensure you’re getting the best possible results and return on your investment.

Evaluate the Business Sector

We analyze what your competitors are doing and survey the marketplace, from customers and clients to partners and stakeholders, then learn from and respond to this information in the development of a name (if needed), a look and feel, and a voice that differentiates you from the crowd.

Creative Process

At each step in the process, we allow you to review and provide feedback so we can develop an identity that you feel represents your brand at its best.

The Logo

Typography and icon design. We design, iterate on and refine an icon and type treatment to develop an identity – the face of your brand – that includes alternate typefaces, colorways and versions.

Presentation: Review and Revise

We will never present what we don’t love, and we will offer only what we believe are viable options. You’ll see your brand in real-life applications that help you make smart, informed decisions. We listen. Upon receiving your feedback, if revisions are necessary, our team edits, recommends and presents new versions.

Focus Groups and Research

Creating an identity is an enormous, often expensive undertaking that will have long-term effects, but focus groups and surveys can help you make the right decision. Through various types of research, we test multiple concepts and messages to ensure effectiveness when it comes to your stakeholders and audience.


We don’t begin the creative process until we’re confident we understand your business goals and objectives. In many cases, we begin with naming options – lots of them – and keep pushing until we find one that speaks to your business segment, is legally sound and can be protected, then find online and URL options to accompany the new concept. We work with you throughout this entire process, and once it’s approved, we begin fleshing out the design.

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