At STAPLEGUN, the best idea wins. Each client and project has a core team that operates as a close-knit agency-within-the-agency for personalized attention, and each deliverable is reviewed by the entire agency to help yield the best possible result for our clients. The end result is something that’s been created by a few, vetted by dozens and approved by our entire agency, from our CEO and creative director to our copywriters and designers.

We Know Print

In a digital world, it’s easy to disregard ink and paper, but the tactile nature of a well-done printed piece provides a sensory experience digital media cannot. The physical interaction with great design – the touch, feel and smell – creates a memorable experience, so STAPLEGUN provides printed work that is both effective and engaging.

Magazine and Newsprint

Call us old school, but we don’t see anything wrong with integrating print and digital into our media strategy for a well-rounded marketing approach – and we do it as well as anyone. We look at every option, including newspapers, local and national publications, and trade magazines.

Outdoor and Transit

Outdoor and transit ads are a great way to capture attention and increase awareness. We use these media the right way, with bold but simple, to-the-point designs and messaging.


When building multimedia campaigns, we always analyze and consider each media choice. When it comes to retail marketing, point-of-purchase print material always ends up being an effective centerpiece.


Brochures are a valuable complement to websites. For many audiences, they prove superior. STAPLEGUN understands that, and we develop brochures people want to interact with – and we have the awards to prove it.

Direct Mail

When appropriate, mailers can be an important information tool. We develop eye-catching, easy-to-understand direct mail pieces that have proven effective and provided return on investment time and again.

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