10 and 2

TV spots, billboards, radio ads and digital media can all cost tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars to create and present. Countless hours are spent researching, brainstorming, conceptualizing, pitching and producing – almost always with brutally strict deadlines. Needless to say, it’s pretty damned important our work be mistake-free.

Every agency has its own quality-assurance process. And while it may not sound like the most exciting part of advertising, you’d better believe it’s one of the most important. Everything from the overall concept to the period at the end of the tagline must – be – PERFECT.

 So we have a tradition at STAPLEGUN that we call “10 and 2.” Every day at these two times we stand around the routing wall to examine, probe, scrutinize, consider, argue and – eventually – agree on every element of each piece of creative that leaves our offices. Sometimes it takes five minutes. Sometimes it takes 30. Sometimes it takes more. And it often includes everyone from copywriters, to designers, to our VP and CEO. Because STAPLEGUN is greater than the sum of its parts – it’s a culture of collaboration.

It’s about more than quality assurance. It symbolizes where we hold the wheel to drive confidently forward. It’s where we unite as a team to sign off not only on a piece of work but on one another. Plus, it’s just far enough away from breakfast and lunch that nobody is cranky.