20 Music

Our developer wizards recently conjured quite possibly the most contentious application to ever be introduced to the ’Gun. And as the true enchanters that they are, they wield magic that carries within it potential for great benevolence, as well as great evil.

#20Music is a Slack channel with a bot in it that allows any Gunner with computer access to control Spotify over the office speakers using simple text commands like “vol up,” “vol down,” “stop” and “skip.” You can see where this is going.  

Here are some fun exchanges:

“Who is playing the soundtrack to this painting?”

“This is your face of evil:”(I’ll admit: Pavement is an acquired taste.) 


“This is what I imagine this singer to look like.”(It was Tame Impala.)


“Can this song disappear completely? BOT — kill radiohead.”

“Radiohead is universally acknowledged as WUSS ROCK”

“I didn’t task you for musical judgments.”

"(I think we can all agree this is blasphemy)"

“this song is terrible. But everyone loved the music on tony hawk pro skater right?”


This also opens up fun pranks – like suddenly turning on sludge metal at full volume while on vacation, hundreds of miles from the office. (This may or may not have happened last week.)

Regardless of the poor taste of Radiohead-bashing, Tame Impala-trashing or Primus-assaulting coworkers – the 20th floor appreciates our developers for the bittersweet creation of #20music.