Facebook: “We’ll do it Live!”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few months, you’re surely aware of Facebook’s new live stream feature. Following in the footsteps of Ustream, Livestream and Periscope, the Facebook feature effectively turns any phone into a live-broadcasting device and publishes a video feed directly onto your fans’ timelines.

This opens up virtually endless possibilities for content creators of all types and allows us all to even further blur the already muddled line between marketing and entertainment. After all, it’s undeniable that there’s something inherently enthralling about a live broadcast – this is the ingredient that makes SNL exciting and a breaking news broadcast gripping. The live broadcast makes us a direct participant in the experience, and with Facebook’s additional interactivity between viewer and broadcaster, this will become a very powerful tool.

Our current live streaming rigOur current live streaming rig

But when Mark Zuckerberg announced a few days ago at F8 that the Facebook Live feature would be expanded to allow any camera or device – not just phones – to stream live onto the social network, it became clear that we are witnessing a full-scale attack on traditional TV. With all of us carrying live-broadcasting devices in our pockets, we can only begin to dream of the possibilities.

So batten down the hatches and strap yourself in for a barrage of Facebook Live experiments, successes and failures – from advertisers and broadcasters alike. There are certainly going to be growing pains, but in the meantime, we’ll continue to scratch our heads as we dream up new ways to best utilize this new media capability. So stay tuned.