Kids Shouldn't Have Cancer

None of us were prepared for the story Kimberly Wade told us on a call in early 2016.

“The day after Christmas of 2014, one of our 8-year-old twin sons, Jonny, was diagnosed with brain cancer. A year later, on Christmas Eve, he lost his precious life.”

We were stunned and instantly consumed by Jonny’s story. During his battle with cancer, Kimberly started the Jonny Wade Foundation to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research. Although they initially only inquired about a website and maybe a video, we offered to create an identity for Jonny’s foundation – and our recommendation was a bold one: We shouldn’t name the foundation after Jonny.

In order to build awareness and capture attention in a crowded nonprofit world, we had to stand out, and the “Firstname Lastname Foundation” approach gets overlooked and lost in the noise. But Jonny was unique, and one of the things that stood out to us most was a quote of his that Kimberly relayed to us:

“I don’t want any other kid to have cancer.”

Jonny was unique - selfless and caring at just 8 years old, and that is a strong foundation for a brand. In a leap of faith, we renamed the foundation to reflect the reason it exists: Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer. Based on Jonny’s wish, it reflects his personality and creativity. It’s a name that can’t be ignored, whether it’s on a T-shirt or at the top of a piece of legislation.

“Jonny knew that he needed help from Congress,” Kimberly told us.

STAPLEGUN has adopted the cause and become a true partner with the foundation. Momentum is gaining rapidly – their first gala is in September, and they’re already making headway with the federal government to increase funding for pediatric cancer research.