Under the Gun

When I first started at STAPLEGUN, my friends would ask me, “What’s it like to work there?” The short answer is: It’s different than any place I’ve ever worked. Let me tell you why.

Work hard, play hard is not something our CEO blasts out in an email to make everybody feel better about themselves – it’s our doctrine. For us, one does not exist without the other. Everybody in our office has late nights or early mornings every once in a while, but after a hard day, we flock to The Blue Note or The Other Room with reckless abandon.

Zack in the office

The best idea wins – period. Anyone can throw in on a brainstorm at any time, and ideas are never discouraged. This allows Gunners to be fearless when sharing ideas – ask me about my “Zulu Financial” idea sometime.

STAPLEGUN desk and mug

We don’t build walls. Our office has none. This speaks to our goal to be transparent and honest with one another. You can’t work with people when you can’t see them. Being under the Gun has its pressures, but it’s like my grandpa always said, “No pressure, no diamonds.”