RibCrib is a regional barbecue restaurant chain featuring authentic, slow-smoked meats. When RibCrib approached STAPLEGUN in 2011 for a few projects, its marketing was limited to simple print ads, an outdated website and radio spots, and its image suffered from stale branding. Today, we’ve helped turned the brand around, giving RibCrib a tagline for the ages – “Keep it Saucy” – and a full campaign that includes an extremely successful social media plan, managed entirely by us. In addition to managing RibCrib’s new attitude and media strategy, our approach includes a focus on beautiful food photography and the chain’s low price points.


The Barbecue Life

RibFest 2015

Wings, Burgers & Beer

Wings, Burgers & Beer

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This is YOUR ’Cue

Summer Menu 2013

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Blue Ribbon Chicken


This is YOUR ’Cue Menu

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PitMaster’s Picks Menu

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