Allied Arts

Art Can

Allied Arts is a nonprofit that promotes the arts in central Oklahoma by sharing funds with agencies and programs whose missions reflect its own. After more than 40 years of work, it has become known for supporting the fine arts – opera, ballet, theater and more. However, the organization has come to realize that some people don’t know the full extent of its giving – the impact the arts can have beyond entertainment and culture. Because of this, Allied Arts challenged us to come up with an approach for its 2016 fundraising campaign that would highlight how it helps people, as well as how the programs it funds can change lives. We responded with the “Art Can” campaign.

The “Art Can” campaign aims to inform Oklahomans of the amazing things the arts can do when people are given an opportunity. Its centerpiece is a long-format video, shot in documentary style, that builds drama through music and contrasting elements, such as juxtaposing black-and-white shots against color. We captured our subjects in their creative element to help make the arts more relatable to everyday people, while also showing that art isn’t just fine art – it can be simpler, yet still serve as a powerful tool for our community.


Broadcast Work