The Barbecue Life

RibCrib is a regional barbecue restaurant featuring authentic championship barbecue and a saucy attitude. One of the most successful campaigns in RibCrib’s history featured a member of the chain’s competitive barbecue team discussing the quality and process of RibCrib barbecue – and in 2016, we recreated that magic. In RibCrib’s “The Barbecue Life” campaign, the restaurant’s expert PitMaster tells viewers what goes into making the best barbecue in the world, from the culture and prep work to the final, delicious results. We took the same approach in print and digital media, featuring simple language, layouts inspired by “hole-in-the-wall” barbecue and a heavy focus on RibCrib’s meats. The final product is a campaign that highlights RibCrib’s expertise – and uses that experience in competitive barbecue as proof that its food is better than the other guys’.


Broadcast Work