Social Media

In many ways, successful social media is nothing more than an extension and exploration of a brand’s personality. This is particularly true for RibCrib, which has committed to a progressive approach online. Instead of being a brand that only promotes itself, RibCrib has opted to center its social media on building relationships and connecting with consumers through creative content – and it’s working.

In our first year of partnering with RibCrib, we saw significant growth across the board, with Facebook alone growing more than 300 percent as we took the barbecue chain from 18,000 fans to 75,000. Now, nearly 30,000 customers engage with RibCrib’s Facebook page each month. On Twitter, we’ve gone from virtually zero engagements to garnering a thousand or more favorites, mentions or retweets – and reaching more than a million people – each month.


Facebook Fans Added in 1 Year
Facebook Engagements per Month
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