At STAPLEGUN, the best idea wins. Each client and project has a core team that operates as a close-knit agency-within-the-agency for personalized attention, and each deliverable is reviewed by the entire agency to help yield the best possible result for our clients. The end result is something that’s been created by a few, vetted by dozens and approved by our entire agency, from our CEO and creative director to our copywriters and designers.

We Know Interactive

The digital age is full of new and emerging interactive technologies and applications. We know, because we have a talented team dedicated to being on the forefront of this area. Our diverse skill sets lend us the ability to produce responsive, user-friendly websites, along with data-driven Web applications, Android and iOS apps for smartphones and tablets, touch-screen kiosks and more. If you need it, or even if you don’t know you need it, we can design and code it, because we know there’s an app (or a website) for that.


An interactive strategy is more than bringing your brochure to the web. STAPLEGUN knows how to get the right message in front of the right people. We understand how to develop your requirements, analyze your audience, structure your content and deliver a great experience on time and on budget. You don’t always know what your requirements are or what interactive can deliver for your company; that’s OK, STAPLEGUN can help craft a strategy that makes interactive work for your business in ways that keep your competition struggling to keep up.


We live and breathe Web, and it shows in the experiences we design and build, from back-end applications and content management to front-end user experience and design.


We have the talent in-house to develop native and web apps for any device – mobile, tablets, kiosks, watches, you name it. We tailor our apps to their purpose. Whether they need to be data-driven, informational or more of an experience, the apps we develop are interactive, immersive and user-friendly. Our apps will connect you to servers around the world, communicating real-time data directly to the palm of your hand – literally.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

STAPLEGUN builds sites for users, on code structured for search engines. We follow best practices for optimizing code and structure, but in a modern digital world, sketchy backlinks and keyword stuffing tactics are ineffective and can even hurt page rankings. What drives search results today is user-friendly, topic-focused content; not the SEO tricks of the past. Our approach to SEO is to build well, put users first and let Google figure out the rest.

Responsive Design

Gone are the days of mobile-only designs. People browse the web using a variety of devices, so every website STAPLEGUN builds is responsive. That means that no matter what device you’re using – a desktop computer, phone, tablet, even a phablet – the website scales, displays and functions properly in your browser.


We have the talent to build, manage and optimize e-commerce, incorporating online purchasing into a larger marketing strategy for a beginning-to-end positive customer experience. Our overarching campaign integrates digital media, social media and custom photography to maximize visibility – and profitability. Whether it’s strategy, design, platform development, third-party integration, cart abandonment or conversion optimization, STAPLEGUN delivers an experience that keeps customers coming back.

Email Marketing

We offer full-service email marketing in-house, from design and code to tracking and reporting. We create eblasts that transcend the “spam” label and deliver valuable information to your email audience. We believe that providing your audience with engaging content is the best strategy for any brand, especially when delivered directly to their inbox.

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