At STAPLEGUN, the best idea wins. Each client and project has a core team that operates as a close-knit agency-within-the-agency for personalized attention, and each deliverable is reviewed by the entire agency to help yield the best possible result for our clients. The end result is something that’s been created by a few, vetted by dozens and approved by our entire agency, from our CEO and creative director to our copywriters and designers.

We Know Digital

At STAPLEGUN, we’re experts at getting the right message in front of the right people. We understand that success in the world of digital and social media hinges on carefully researched, well-planned and expertly executed campaigns. Once the ball is rolling, we monitor the success of the campaign, analyzing and optimizing our approach. We’ve found that the most effective digital and social campaigns evolve as we learn more about our audience and what messages they choose to interact with.


A custom strategy is imperative to digital and social media success. We analyze your competition, dissect your target audience and provide a clear plan before the campaign begins.

Social Media

Social media is much more than knee-jerk responses and status updates. Successfully using it as a marketing platform takes careful consideration and an intimate understanding of how online communities are built.

Digital Ads

As of 2014, 85 percent of the U.S. is active on the internet. Video pre-roll and image-centered banner ads are a great way to reach this audience – or, really, any audience. We recommend digital ads as a cost- effective medium for reaching a narrowly targeted audience online. Digital ads are highly actionable and produce trackable impressions, meaning we can learn and adapt the campaign as we go.

Custom Content

With more than 70 percent of adults on Facebook and users sending 350,000 tweets per minute on Twitter, cutting through the clutter is increasingly difficult – especially for businesses. We create content that helps you stand out.


If content is king, strategic targeting is its queen. Our focus is on pairing quality content with relevant targeting. The result: unprecedented engagement rates.

Monitoring and Reporting

Digital and social media never sleep, so our team maintains an always-on attitude to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. In fact, our team provides reports and audits throughout the campaign, providing quantitative and qualitative analyses – not just to show the effectiveness of a campaign, but also to help us improve as we move ahead.


STAPLEGUN is AdWords certified and has implemented numerous large-scale AdWords campaigns, for brands large and small – managing, monitoring and updating them in-house, with great success in both click-through rates and website traffic.

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